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25 september - Agri Meeting, Byurakan - an impactful success

The Agri Meeting organized by HTS on September 22 - 2022 in Hotel Amberd, Byurakan (Arm) was an impactful success.

There was a good exchange of knowledge regarding Poultry between Dutch professionals and key-holders from Armenia and Georgia.

Agreements were made for (further) cooperation. On the day itself, a half-million contract was successfully negotiated.
Quotations were requested and plans for the future were shared.

Reporters from TV1 Armenian were also present and conducted interviews.
Morris Kerens said that the cooperation between the Netherlands and Armenia goes back centuries. And that Dutch and Armenians like to work together because they complement each other and there is mutual respect. This certainly applies to the Poultry industry, where many steps can be taken. Armenia uses approximately 52,000 tones of chicken meat annuall of which approximately 41,000 tones are imported.
It is important that these imports should be reduced through more local manufacturing and stricter import requirements.

The Dutch ambassador in Yerevan, Nico Schermers, stated that he would wholeheartedly support the cooperation between the two countries where possible.

Investor Razmik Blykian said that he already registered a poultry company with the Chamber of Commerce and that his plans to create an Integrated Broiler Project together with HTS and other Dutch professionals, thanks to this meeting and the preliminary discussions, began to take shape. The aim is to start construction in May 2023.

Sergei Stepanyan (chairmen Poultry Union) informed the TV reporter that he has advanced plans to set up a parent stock company together with Dutch parties. Which is of great importance for the small poultry farms.

Morris Kerens and Mushegh Mkrtchyan (Holland Trade Support)

Participants and visitors

Morris Kerens (HTS) Mushegh Mkrtchyan (HTS) - Paul Baldee (Meyn Poultry Solutions) - Geert de Wolf (VDS Animal Food) - Brian van Hoof (VDL/Jansen Agrotech) - Niels Stam (Pas Reform) Gerbrand vd Brink (Bincx Agri Buildings). In the lobby of the meeting area.

Mr Nico Schermer, Ambassador of the Royal Kingdom of the Nederlands to Armenia