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HTS has decided not to participate in or attend or to organise any exhibition, training or seminar

1 April 2020

For the time being HTS has decided not to organise or participate in or attend any exhibition, seminar and training until October 2020
We have carefully been monitoring the global development of COVID-19 hoping the situation would soon improve. Unfortunately despite the fact that the situation seems to be improving slightly in some parts of the world, COVID-19 is still disrupting the normal business activities around the world and we concluded that being present at exhibitions, seminars and training is not our, nor our customers priority. Therefore we have decided not to participate, organise in or attend any exhibition, seminar and training until- at least-        October, 1 - 2020

Health and safety first
Health and safety of our employees, customers and business partners comes first. We support the global collaborative approach to limit further spreading of the virus. We follow the advice and measures of the authorities. By not organise, participating in or attending exhibitions, seminars and training we reduce the risk of further spreading as much as possible.

Alternative means of communication
Fortunately we have apart from exhibitions, seminars and training many other means to communicate with our customers and business partners. Digital conferences, meetings and training by ZOOM or Skype for example. Join us by ZOOM