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Important day for the agricultural sector of Armenia

picture : Mr. K. Sargsyan (Min. of Economy) en Mr. R. Blikyan, (owner Broiler LLC and Food City LLC)

sign the contract for a broiler and pig project, of which HOLLAND TRADE SUPPORT (HTS) is the initiator

Yerevan, December 29 - 2023

"Today is a very important day for the agricultural sector of Armenia, because these contracts envisage the implementation of large investments that will greatly contribute to the increase in the production of livestock products. We are planning to extend the validity period of our project and attract new investments in different areas of livestock breeding," Vahan Kerobyan (Minister of Economy) said.

In the presence of Minister Vahan Kerobyan, on December 29, the signing ceremony of the contracts for participation in the "pilot program for providing support to investment projects in the livestock sector in the Republic of Armenia was held with "Dili", “Broiler LLC", "Arax Poultry Factory" and "Food City LLC”.

Within the scope of the agreements, around 23.4 billion AMD will be invested in the livestock sector, particularly in the areas of beef, poultry and pig breeding, and around 330 jobs will be created.
40% compensation of realized capital costs will be provided by the RA government.

Holland Trade Support saw the need for Armenia to import less chicken and pork meat and, together with its project partners, designed the boiler and pig project.

HTS then looked for an investor with 'a heart for Armenia' and good business acumen and found this in Mr Blikyan.
After a lot of effort from all parties, a good business plan has been drawn up.
Mr. Blikyan stated that he chose to collaborate with HTS and its partners, under which VDL Agrotech, PasReform, Meyn Poultry and Topigs, because they have extensive experience in the region and are well known internationally.

On behalf of and in collaboration with Mr. Blikyan and Armenian professionals, the Dutch parties will realize two model projects in Armenia.

picture left: Minister Vahan Kerobyan, Ministry of Economy and (with the beard )deputy Minister Arman Khojoyan, who
regulates agricultural matters
in the middle: the director of Dili and Arax
picture right: the investor Mr. Razmik Blikyan owner Broiler LLC (broiler project) and Food City (pigs project) and
behind him Mr. Mushegh Mkrtchyan on behalf of Holland Trade Support (HTS)

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