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Press release July 11 - 2022


Ministries of Economy and Foreign Affairs of Armenia, as well as the Dutch embassy in
Yerevan are participating.

On September 22 this year, the uniquely located Amberd Hotel, in Byurakan, will be the
focal point for key holders in the poultry, pig, and feed industry.
Several Dutch International companies will send their delegates to share joint knowledge,
make agreements for cooperation and expand existing partnerships with Armenian
professionals in this industry and delegates from Georgia.
There will be a general section with various speakers, after which one can opt for
individual/group discussions per sector.

“This meeting is deliberately not set up too large. Only people and companies that are
really relevant to the sector will be present,” says Morris Kerens, director of Holland Trade
Support (HTS), who organizes the meeting.
He continued: ”The program will be very interesting. Short flashy lectures by the Ministry of
Economy and Foreign Affairs of Armenia, by the Dutch ambassador in Armenia and by
professionals from three countries”.

Mr Arman Khojoyan, Deputy Minister of Economy made it clear why he is participating in
this initiative : “I think the initiative is really very promising for the development of the
sector and would like to reiterate my assurance that we in Government intend to respond
massively with the initiative of strengthening agricultural cooperation at an international
level. Further he stated: “ We cannot ever accelerate growth and development in the
sector without understanding that spirit of cooperation is necessary today more than ever
to face the world’s current challenges”.

When asked about the role of the Dutch embassy, Mr. Nico Schermers, the
first Duch Ambassador in Armenia stated: “Agriculture sector is one of the priorities of the
Embassy’s economic activities and we are very happy to support boosting and
enhancement of the bilateral cooperation in this sector. We strongly believe, that such kind
of events are crucial and essential for mutual beneficial partnership”.

Mr Tigran Balayan, the energetic Armenian ambassador to the Netherlands says about
this meeting: " “This meeting is important to summarize the achievements of the Dutch-Armenian trade and economic cooperation, and discuss the further steps, especially in
light of successful visit of the Armenian Prime Minister to the Netherlands and his profound
discussion with the Dutch entrepreneurs. He continued; “ I am confident that this meeting,
as many others organized by Mr. Morris Kerens will further contribute to the expansion
between our countries".

July 2022
Byurakan (ARM)
’s-Hertogenbosch (NL)

Armen Khojoyan Armen Khojoyan,
Deputy Minister of Economy
Nico Schermers,
Dutch Ambassador In Armenia
Nico Schermers
Tigran Balayan Tigran Balayan,
Ambassador of Armenia in The Netherlands
Morris Kerens,
Director Of Holland Trade Support
Morris Kerens