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“One knows a lot of little or a little of a lot”

Specialised companies know a lot about little, namely their own field. This means that a collaboration with specialised companies makes a project a success.

For projects we choose cooperation with reliable Dutch companies with international experience and with a good name at home and abroad. Some of They already have experience in Armenia and Georgia

The key employees of these companies meet each other regally abroad and work together to create a jointly good Dutch product.

These permanent partners want to put together a jointly good  project, and years of collaboration in the field of advice, training and the delivery of equipment and parts and animal nutrition.

The knowledge of the Dutch in the field of agriculture is known throughout the world.

The Dutch agricultural exports in 2018 exceeded 90 billion euro. The Netherlands is the second largest  (after the USA) agricultural exporter in the world!

We hope that your interest has been awakened and we are invited as a consortium of companies to discuss an ( key turn, integrated or adjusted) agro-project in    Armenia or Georgia.

Integrated big farming Benelux and Caucasus
Project includes: Feed Production, Slaughterhouse, Stables, Sows, Bears, Genetics, HACCP training, farrowing, Marketing, mating, gilts, Sales, gestation, Distribution, weaners, Training/Management
Integrated broiler projects Benelux and Caucasus
Project includes: Rearing Farms, Feed Mill, Breeder Farms, Slaughter House, Broiler Farms, Rendering Plant, Hatchery, Waste Water Treatment, Broilers, Management
Integrated dairy projects Benelux and Caucasus
Project includes: Purpose of the project, Feed Centre, Project scope, Dairy Plant, Project parameters, Stables, Crop production for livestock, Buildings, Dairy Farm (cows), Management

Gerrit Zalm (Minister of Finance) and Morris Kerens (HTS)

first project by HTS

Feedian, Integrated feed production in Armenia

Project starting date:              1st june 1999
Project finishing date:             31 october 2001
Estimated project budget:       450,000 EUR

Porkian, Integrated Pork Production in Armenia

Project starting date:              1st January 2002
Project finishing date:             30th July 2004
Estimated project budget:       EUR 544.536

Some other Projects

- One of the largest and most modern hatchery established by PasReform (agent HTS).  Client SABUDARA LTD, Georgia.

- The largest slaughter-street of chickens in the Caucasus supplied by Meyn Poultry (agent HTS) Client Chirina LTD, Tbilisi Georgia.

- Vasanavi, Armenia  “Pig farming Development  Armenia”.  VDL Agrotech (with grant Dutch Government)  HTS initiator and project director

- 2020/2022 HTS was involved in a project in Georgia  named “Georgian Dairy Food Safety. (This small project was fully funded by The Dutch government) 


- 2021-2023  Hayastan-Holland Integrated Poultry Broiler Project. Estimate budget of 20 million euro. (HTS initiator and project director)

- 2022-2023   "Porkyan”  Pig project  Armenia. HTS initiator and project director.  Client Mr. Razmik Blikyan. Estimate budget 7 million euro. 

- 2022-2024  Integrated Dairy project Schirak Marz (ARMENIA). Far-reaching discussions and commitments with investor, government, and banks. (HTS initiator and project director)